WM 2018 – Good luck Germany / Anton Schmaus cooks for the German national soccer team in Russia.
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Still remember? July 13, 2014: all of Germany goes wild in front of their TV screens. Mario Götze’s left-footed shot lands in the Argentinian goal, securing Germany’s fourth World Cup title. Though it still feels a bit like yesterday, it was actually a whopping four years ago. Starting June 14, 2018, soccer history will be written once again—this time in Russia, the largest country in the world. A few changes have been made in the German team’s lineup. And Germany has a new man in the kitchen as well: Regensburg resident Anton Schmaus is the German national team’s new chef.

Right now, Schmaus has plenty to smile about. It’s all coming up aces for him these days, both professionally and privately. At Storstad, his restaurant overlooking Regensburg with stunning views of the cathedral and Old Town, diners have to reserve tables weeks in advance. And he scored a home run with his Swedish wife, Anna, who is also a hostess at Storstad. “Scoring” also makes a fitting transition to his newest responsibility: chef for the German national soccer team. It’s a dream job, and also a huge challenge for the Lower Bavaria native.

Oliver Bierhoff had previously confirmed during a telephone interview that Anton Schmaus had the right qualifications for the strategically important position within the national team’s environment. He then successfully demonstrated his culinary skills in practice at the Confederations Cup. At 36, Anton Schmaus already looks back on a culinary career with numerous international stations. Sweden, New York, and St. Moritz have all significantly influenced his cooking style. He now runs three locations in Regensburg. Schmaus also speaks four foreign languages, and recently released his first cookbook. For as hectic as his life is and as much attention as he has been getting, the Lower Bavarian still has both feet on the ground.
The new “chef de cuisine” will accompany the German team for seven weeks, providing the right nutrition before and after games. For many people, the position would be a childhood dream come true—and Schmaus, who played soccer himself as a child, is no exception. He will mainly be cooking for and motivating the German team at their quarters near Moscow. The players will fly to the games from there. Three and a half meals are served daily, usually consisting of three appetizers, a salad bar, three main courses, two soups, and a dessert. Everyone eats together three hours before the games. After all, in soccer, food is a team thing, too.

Schmaus has free rein when it comes to choosing the menu, and he has already created a varied meal plan. When it comes to dessert before national games, though, Schmaus sticks to the tried-and-true. Who would have thought? Rice pudding and semolina pudding—German childhood classics, for that extra pinch of good luck. “Never stop a running system.”

The dairy-based dishes are prepared in a VarioCookingCenter, which Rational made available to Schmaus in Russia along with a SelfCookingCenter. The exceptional chef relies on exceptional technology at Storstad, too.

“The SelfCookingCenter is the most precise piece of equipment I’ve ever seen. It works absolutely perfectly. And that’s exactly what I need, with no compromises whatsoever,” Schmaus says. At Storstad, depending on the time of day, he serves surprise prix fixe menus in three or five “acts,” as he calls them. His dishes blend Mediterranean cuisine with regional influences, finished off with a touch of the exotic. Inspired by the season and the moment.

Schmaus politely waves away curious inquiries into which of the players eats the most and what’s in their drink bottles. The professional refuses to gossip about internal matters. Anton Schmaus has a chance to watch all of the team’s games in the stadiums. “Yes, I’m at the games, but only until the 80th minute,” Schmaus grins. After that, he “substitutes” himself into the locker area to prepare the players’ regeneration. As Schmaus explains, “Players experience direct regeneration for the first 30 minutes after a game, after which the effect gradually subsides. During that period, the body is able to absorb nutrients more quickly and efficiently.” According to Schmaus, possible fare during this phase might include rice, potatoes, or a light curry.

Schmaus won't be preparing food much differently in Russia from how he does at his restaurant, apart from omitting the extra portions of butter and cream, along with the refined sugar. Schmaus already received a Michelin star in 2015, in recognition of his culinary artistry at Storstad. In Russia, playing at the “Kitchen” position, Anton Schmaus will be fighting alongside the German team for their fifth star. And all of Germany will be watching once more, crossing their fingers for Jogi Löw and his boys, and hoping that soccer history will repeat itself.

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Award-winning: The SelfCookingCenter XS at the German Design Awards 2018
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The smallest member of the RATIONAL family has shown them all: The SelfCookingCenter XS is a winner at the 2018 German Design Awards in the "Kitchen" category. The prestigious international panel was impressed by the innovative power of the combi-steamer and gave the award to RATIONAL AG in Landsberg am Lech.

Professional chefs already love what's on the inside, and now the SelfCookingCenter XS is also scoring points with its external good looks: The high-performance small appliance impressed the 43-strong international panel of design experts. "The SelfCookingCenter XS is a much smaller version of its big brother - but with the same power and efficiency. An extraordinary design, which extends the possibilities in kitchen planning," said the panel. For Peter Wiedemann, Chief Technical Officer at RATIONAL AG, this was a great recognition: "We have often received awards for our high production standard, but this is the first time for our design. The award also reflects the good support from Busse Design."

The SelfCookingCenter XS may be the smallest unit in the RATIONAL family at 55.5 cm deep and 65.5 cm wide, but it is every bit the equal of its big brothers in terms of performance, intelligence and efficiency. For RATIONAL, maximum performance on minimal space also means that chefs do not need to compromise on cooking results, quality and flexibility. And when the external appearance is this good, it is just the thing for use in the front cooking area.

The German Design Award is awarded annually by the German Design Council and honours innovative products and projects, their manufacturers and designers. After a strict preselection of almost 2,000 submissions, the SelfCookingCenter XS was nominated and ultimately named the winner in the "Kitchen" category. The official award ceremony will take place in Frankfurt am Main on 9 February 2018, when the Design Council will also organise an exhibition of the award-winning products, and the award winners will also be presented in a catalogue and in an app.

RATIONAL AG: The Founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board Siegfried Meister has passed away.
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Germany, Landsberg am Lech, 28.07.2017 – it is with great sadness that Rational AG announces the passing of Siegfried Meister, the company founder, majority shareholder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board, on July 28th at the age of 78 years after a brief, serious illness. Walter Kurtz, Supervisory Board Member and shareholder since the founding of Rational AG in the year 2000 will, as the first deputy chairman, assume temporary chairmanship of the Supervisory Board. The Su-pervisory Board, Management Board and all employees mourn for an exceptional entrepreneur, and will continue the company in the spirit of Mr Siegfried Meister.

When Siegfried Meister started producing innovative convection ovens in Landsberg; over 40 years ago he had a clear goal in sight: he wanted to make the work of people who prepare hot food in professional kitchens easier. The combi-steamer was born in 1976 when he and his, at the time, small team added steam to the hot, dry air in the oven. This revolutionized the large and commercial kitchens of the world: production processes, organization and efficiency have changed significantly since then.

All his life he remained true to his aim of knowing the requirements of customers and offering them the maximum benefit. Meister's guiding principle was not sales or profit; his foremost corporate objective was the greatest possible customer benefits. In this he was very successful. Since 1998 he has acted as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and in 2000 floated Rational AG on the stock exchange.

Besides in his role as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, he assisted the company with his extensive experience and expertise – and all the way up to the very end he had a set table in the company restaurant, surrounded by his employees. "The well-being of the "entrepreneurs in the company", as he viewed his employees, was very important to Mr Meister. This makes us all the more sad about our great loss, and we are committed to continuing his lifetime's work in his spirit", says Dr Peter Stadelmann, Chief Executive Officer of RATIONAL AG.

Update RATIONAL Portal
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Update RATIONAL Portal

On Thursday, the 8th November, our RATIONAL portal is temporarily not available from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Thank you for your understanding in this matter and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We would then like to welcome you on our new organized and individualized portal. What's new on the portal? Within the webshop you can take simple and comfortable orders. Furthermore all model drawings, data sheets and spec. sheet can be found under the slide “documentation”.

Thereby the portal gets more simple, arranged and customerfriendly.